CrossFit Kids & Teens (3-16yrs)

When fitness is paired with fun…

The primary aim of our classes is to teach young people the fundamental principles of CrossFit whilst having FUN! All our classes are run by DBS checked instructors. Our Kids and Teens program is led by David Palmer who has years of experience in motivating and coaching young people having previously worked as Head of Physical Education at a Grammar School.  

A typical CrossFit Kids and Teens class includes cardiovascular exercises, running, kettlebell skills, gymnastics, and resistance training with weights (age and ability dependent), plus LOTS of laughter and smiles. We also teach our younger members how to challenge themselves, set goals and then achieve them. All valuable life skills.


👉 CrossFit Kids and Teens (6-16yrs) runs every Tuesday and Thursday 4.15-5pm, and Sundays 9-9.45am.

👉 We have recently added CrossFit Kids Performance on Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-6pm for those aged between 11-16yrs who have a good baseline level of CrossFit skill and strength.

👉 CrossFit Mini Movers (3-5yrs) runs once a week - Sundays 8.30am-9am.

Mini Movers (3-5yrs)

£75 per 3 MONTH term

CF Kids and Teen Memberships (6-16yrs)


£55 per month | 2 classes a week

£80 per month | 3 classes a week

£80 for A BLOCK of 10 classes | valid for 6 months



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Over the past 6 months, my husband and I have noticed a huge change in our children’s fitness levels and confidence since they started classes at CrossFit Slough. These qualities have transferred seamlessly into their school sporting activities with my son’s relay team winning a race; something he had never achieved before and was so chuffed with himself when he told us! Prior to CrossFit, he was always the child dwindling at the back. Not any more.

My son now tackles school activities with the attitude that he will do them to the best of his ability, never compromising on form, and working to his absolute best. CrossFit has taught him this.

My daughter loves it too! She has now managed to complete the peg board which is about pure upper body strength. When she started at CrossFit Slough, she would just look up at it an not even contemplate the challenge. Now she goes in every session and the first thing she will go to is the peg board. I’m delighted to say it’s now no longer a case of weather she can complete it, it’s how quickly!

Every session at CrossFit Slough encourages them to push the boundaries of fitness. My children are more confident, more self aware, and work together as a team encouraging one another; all valuable life skills. They are beating their personal bests nearly every week, but you know the best bit of all...they believe they can do it and they absolutely LOVE IT!”
— Sonia Lambourne